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  • New campaign from Azer Turk Bank!

    Azer Turk Bank has started new “Joint Future” campaign. The purpose of the Bank, holding social responsibility activities as one of its priorities, is to support youth studying in foreign universities, and by this to take even smallest part in the process of education of our youth, which is a guarantee of our future.

    In the framework of the campaign, started from 04.07.2016, every student, verifying the fact of studying in a foreign university by presenting a student card, or confirming future study by any other document, will get a one-year MasterCard Standard card for free! Azer Turk Bank is endlessly proud to support young builders of our future!

    Azer Turk Bank OJSC, which operates since 1995, by 75% is owned by the Government of Azerbaijan. More information about the Bank, its service network, products and services is available at, the Bank’s corporate pages at social networks or at (012) 945 Call Center.

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  • Raymond Weil Maestro 2839-STC-00209
    Price: 4072 XAL

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