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  • Kapital Bank gives investors Visa Platinum Paywave card

    The two-day music festival "Heat" began a special action Kapital Bank.

    During the campaign, all the guests who attended the festival were awarded special flyers with information about the conditions of deposit placement in the Kapital Bank.

    Client contact any branch of Kapital Bank and place money on one of the deposits irrespective of the type, timing and amount under the provision of the above flyer will receive a card Visa Platinum Pay Wave as a gift. The campaign will last until 1 September 2016 year.

    Kapital Bank provides services to people in 90 branches and 2 offices all over the country, having the most extensive service network. Более подробную информацию о продуктах и услугах банка можно получить на сайте, страницах банка в социальных сетях, а также, позвонив в центр обслуживания клиентов по номеру 196.

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  • Seiko SGE E47P1
    Price: 268 XAL

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