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  • Clients of "DəmirBank" will get a chance to win gifts

    «DəmirBank» together with the payment portal started a new campaign. So, customers make payments on site with the help of plastic cards of «DəmirBank», will have the opportunity to win gifts.

    The company, which will begin July 11, 2016, will continue for three weeks. At the end of each week, the client who has the greatest number of payments on the portal with the help of plastic cards of "DəmirBank", will receive gifts from the Bank.

    In addition, users of the portal in the section "Dərhal Dəyiş" (instant Exchange) in Exchange for 30000 bonuses can get a debit card from «DəmirBank». Card validity of 1 year. At the same time, the cardholders of "DəmirBank", earn twice as many bonuses when making payments on the website

    With Plastic cards «DəmirBank» clients can make non-cash payment for goods and services in shopping centers on the territory of Azerbaijan and 200 countries of the world without commissions.

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    Price: 282 XAL

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