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  • Danone company buys shares of organic food producer WhiteWave

    The French food company Danone acquires producer of organic food and vegetative milk WhiteWave Foods. This was reported in the press release Danone.

    WhiteWave and Danone will create at the market "a unique world leader, supporting the consumer trend and producing healthy products", said in the statement Danone.

    For each share of WhiteWave Foods, best known in world producer of yoghurts will pay $ 56.25 in cash. The total amount of the transaction is $ 12.5 billion. The purchase has already been approved by the boards of Directors of both companies. The transaction intend to close before end of the year. Shares of Danone on the news about buying show growth.

    WhiteWave Foods currently sells its products in North America, Europe and China. The office is located in Colorado.

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