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  • Azerbaijan Coca-Cola Bottlers has reduced prices on still and sparkling water Bonaqua

    In connection with the summer season the company Azerbaijan Coca-Cola Bottlers has announced new prices for still and sparkling water Bonaqua.

    According to the company, the recommended selling price of still and sparkling water Bonaqua in 0.5-liter plastic bottle dropped from 40 kopecks to 30 kopecks. The recommended selling price Bonaqua sparkling water in 5-liter plastic container decreased from 1.70 AZN to 1.20 AZN.

    "Summer - the season of soft drinks, and, given the growth in consumer demand, we try to make as many people as possible were able to enjoy a unique taste of our quality soft products. The purpose of the new pricing policy - to ensure every home and every customer with quality water Bonaqua », - said in a statement.

    Azerbaijan Coca-Cola Bottlers since 1994 is a manufacturer of beverages of the company Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola plant in Azerbaijan is equipped with modern technology for the production of soft drinks, Coca-Cola plant in Azerbaijan is equipped with modern soft drink technology, and produces 9 brand of high quality beverages.

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  • LOWEPRO LP36407
    Price: 176 XAL

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