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  • Chinese Dalian Wanda carries on negotiations for purchase of movie studio Paramount Pictures

    Chinese company Dalian Wanda began negotiations with US media conglomerate Viacom to buy 49 percent of the Hollywood film studio Paramount Pictures, reports ТАСС with reference to edition of The Wall Street Journal.

    On transaction under leadership of the studio, but against the sale was made by billionaire Sumner Redstone, who owns a controlling stake Paramount.

    In January, Dalian Wanda announced reaching an agreement to acquire a controlling stake of the American media holding Legendary Entertainment. It has been reported that the transaction amount would be around 3.5 billion.

    "Dalian Wanda made the decision to buy the company not only for films, but also for the acquisition of rights to intellectual property" - said at a special press conference in Beijing, the president of the corporation and China's richest man Wang Jianlin.

    "We hope that this step will allow China to increase its voice in the world film industry", - leads the Chinese information portal "Tsaytszin" the businessman, state of which is estimated at $ 40 billion.

    Corporation Dalian Wanda, is initially specialized in real estate development business, is now the one of the largest companies operators of cinemas in the world of: it controls the largest network of North American cinemas AMC Entertainment Holdings, in Australia - Hoyt's Group and Chinese - Wanda Cinema Line.

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