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  • Startup helps Coca-Cola keep track of customers

    One of these ambitious startups interested in Coca-Cola, the largest manufacturer of soft drinks in the world. The company has adopted a device that allows mode of real-time collects information as to which brands of soda and in what quantity consumers are buying.

    The authors of startup Weissbeerger are the Israeli developers. They presented their service even in 2011, initially focusing on the needs of brewers. They offered a mode of real-time keep tabs on sales of bars and receive data about the preferences of foam lovers.

    Keep track of the amount of product sold by special sensors, which principle of work experts did not disclose. Information from the sensors is transmitted to a special device, which is installed directly in the point of sale, and transmits the data in mode of real time on a user-friendly service device.

    After the service was rated brewers, it drew the attention the producers of other FMCG-categories. So, the world's the largest manufacturer of soft drinks - Coca-Cola - began testing the program in such fast food restaurants like Hardee's and Carl's Jr. in USA.

    For this small in size wireless device is placed on the back side of the machine with soda. It collects data about consumed volume this or that brand, as well as other information that allows to analyze consumer preferences.

    It is expected that the manufacturer will use the data obtained by the startup Weissbeerger, when developing new or adjustment of current marketing strategies of different brands. In addition to assisting in the marketing, the obvious benefit is possibility to determine the ideal volume of deliveries product to retail outlets.

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